“Efficient and sustainable cooling”

Efficient and sustainable cooling

Efficient and sustainable cooling is Torraval’s ultimate goal, according to the newspaper Estrategia Empresarial, as well as it let us know the new challenges that the company faces in 2020.

“As a refrigeration consulting company, Torraval collects all the information from each client to add value and provide an accurate diagnosis, with alternatives that meet their needs. Its engineering process designs a totally customized product, attending to both efficiency and hygienic safety. -health and environmental impact. It uses anti-corrosion materials such as GRP, which guarantees a long useful life of the refrigeration equipment. The commitment to the customer remains by maintaining its refrigeration, cleaning and disinfection equipment; as well as offering a revamping service that adapts the cooling towers to the new working conditions “

“The production of cold and its use is a technique of absolute necessity for the subsistence and daily development, as observed in almost all the industrial, tertiary and domestic activities that surround us.”

“Among the latest work carried out, Torraval has just finished important investment works (Capex), as well as some ‘revampings’ for one of the main world steel companies in Asturias and a project for the most important paper mill in the country. For this year An important contract with an oxygen manufacturer stands out, another with 16 towers for the most powerful supercomputer in Spain, located in Barcelona, although the largest order to be delivered in November is destined for a large Chinese potassium mining multinational. “

Asistencia técnica

“To improve its competitiveness, Torraval continues to invest in innovation with its products and in the development of its human assets. Technological advance is also essential and MITA Group, to which Torraval belongs, allocates a significant part of its budget to innovation technique, aimed at providing greater safety and efficiency within the framework of environmental sustainability. In this sense, the company based in Leioa (Bizkaia) and its Italian parent company have obtained new fillers for highly efficient refrigeration equipment. Innovation in materials as polypropylene and polyester provide resistance, which translates into being able to carry out severe cleaning and disinfection that guarantee hygienic-sanitary safety. Likewise, drift eliminators have also evolved towards high efficiency, through their composition and effectiveness at time to reduce the leakage of water droplets to the outside of the refrigeration units, and thus preventing the formation of aerosols, a critical aspect when transmitting possible bacteria into the atmosphere. “

“In addition, its technological improvements provide total accessibility through the placement of wide accesses in the cooling towers that allow entry to the interior of the cooling equipment by SAT’s technical teams and the ease of reaching all its customers. components. To all this, it adds its high efficiency motors with frequency variators that allow the regulation and control of the operation of the equipment so that the energy is adjusted exactly to the consumption needs. On the other hand, the automated purge systems that avoid large concentrations of salt prevent breakdowns and extend the life of the cooling towers. “

“Its technology improves the cooling stations that integrate both the dispensers for water treatment and the pumping systems, control panels, etc.”ruido en las torres de refrigeración

“The new restrictive measures in the elimination of fluorinated gases on the way to sustainable technologies have led Torraval to develop, within commercial refrigeration, an adiabatic subcooler that maintains the same efficiency in the equipment that needs adaptation.”

“Torraval provides value to its clients with highly specialized turnkey projects, adjusted to the needs of companies and always under the focus of sustainability and efficiency”

“One of his efforts is to ensure energy efficiency in industrial processes and in building air conditioning systems. His absolute priority is to achieve the savings and sustainability objectives that prevail in any construction.”

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1st September 2020


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