The sale of products by the Vendor shall be governed by these General Sales Conditions.

These  General   Sales  Conditions   are  considered   accepted   without  reservation   of  any  kind  by  the  Customer   and  take  priority  over  the  general   conditions   of  the Customer.

The  Customer   shall  be  solely  responsible   for  choosing  the  products  bought  and  sold,  and  the  use  for  which  they  are  intended.    Accordingly,   and  consistent   with information  referred  to  in  its  catalogues,  price  lists  and  /  or  general  information  about  the  material,  the  Vendor  is  not  responsible   and  does  not  guarantee  that  the product is suitable for the technical applications intended by the Customer, or for achieving, in whole or in part, the objectives foreseen by the latter.



2.1.   Data   relating   to   weights,    volumes,   dimensions,   etc.,   indicated   in   the   specifications    and   documents   attached   to   the   proposal   are   approximate    and   for guidance only and, therefore, may be modified without this giving rise to any claim.

2.2.   The   proposal   includes   the   material   specified   in   it,   although   the   Vendor   reserves   the   right   to   make   any   alteration   which,   in   its   opinion,   might   mean   an improvement in the product sold.

2.3. Proposals shall be valid for 45 days from the date of issue.

2.4. Personal data contained in this document are treated in files whose purpose is the management of accounting, tax and administrative clients, relationship keeping and  communications sending about products and services for which TORRAVAL COOLING SL, with address in Avda. Autonomía 4, 48940 Leioa (Vizcaya), is responsable to whom you can exercise your rights by writing a copy of your ID.



3.1.  Any  studies,  projects,  drawings,  software  or  other  information   entrusted  to  the  customer   is  the  exclusive  property  of  the  Vendor  and  the  customer   undertakes not to assign or transfer them and treat them confidentially,  keeping them always available to the Vendor .



4.1.  The  contract  shall  come  into  force  when  the  Vendor  informs  the  customer  in  writing  of  acceptance  of  its  order  and  the  latter  has  met  its  obligations  up  to  this time.

4.2.  These  General   Sales  Conditions   are  the  only  valid  conditions   and,   therefore,   no  other  customer   condition   concerning   the  order   shall  be  accepted,    whether printed or otherwise, if it is contrary to the said General Sales Conditions,  unless otherwise is agreed on both sides and it is accepted in writing by the Vendor .

4.3.  Due  to  the  large  changes  in  economic  conditions  and  circumstances,   our  proposal  has  a  validity  period  of  45  calendar  days,  counting  from  the  date  of  issue  . After this period, any order placed shall not be valid unless it receives our express acceptance.



5.1.  Prices  refer  to  material   available   at  our  warehouse   in  Zamudio   (Vizcaya)   and  without   packaging,   and  therefore   transportation,    freight,  insurance   or  any  other similar   concept   shall   be   the   sole   responsibility    of   the   customer.    Similarly,   all   taxes,   duties,   levies,   etc,   chargeable    on   the   transaction    shall   be   the   sole responsibility of the customer.

5.2.  If  an  increase   in  the  cost  of  materials,   labor,  etc.  should  occur  between   the  order  being  placed  and  being  served,   the  sale  price  may  be  revised  at  the request of the Vendor , starting at all times from a fair and equitable basis.

5.3.  Prices  of  imported  materials  are  based  on  the  exchange  parity  of  the  Euro  against  the  currencies  of  the  countries  of  origin  of  these  products  on  the  date  of the proposal. If any variation in this exchange parity should occur, the Vendor reserves the right to revise its prices proportionately.



6.1. The customer undertakes to make payments at the Vendor’s registered offices and in the following manner:

– 30% as confirmation of the order within 10 days following the date of acceptance of the order.

– 70% upon delivery of the goods, as defined in condition 8.1.- by direct debit bank draft payable 60 days from date of invoice.

If  for  any  special  circumstances   the  Vendor  should  accept  a  different  form  of  payment  from  that  expressed  in  the  preceding   paragraph,   the  Vendor,  in  any  case  , reserves the right to choose the place and method of payment. If this right is not exercised, payments shall be made at the Vendor’s registered offices.

6.2.  In  the  event  of  late  payment,   the  Vendor  shall  be  entitled  to  claim  interest,   calculated   at   1-month   EURIBOR   plus  3%,  together   with  any  applicable   charges and expenses.

6.3. Retention of payments is not accepted, nor deductions from any outstanding balance amounts, regardless of the reasons alleged by the customer.

6.4.  Until  the  customer  has  paid  the  Vendor  the  total  price  of  the  goods,  plus  additional  items  of  any  kind  paid  for  or  supplied  by  the  latter,  the  machinery  may  be encumbered,   alienated,   transferred   or  transmitted   by  any  other  means,   placing   on  record  that  the  Vendor  reserves   the  RIGHT  TO  OWNERSHIP   of  the  material supplied  until  the  total  amount  due  has  been fully  satisfied  by  the  customer  and  to  exercise  this  right  may  take  back  the  machinery  or equipment,   by  any  means  it deems  appropriate   and  wherever   it  is  situated  or  installed,   without  prejudice   to  it  keeping   the  amounts   received   previously   as  a  penalty  payment   and  which  the customer expressly disclaims.



7.1. The delivery lead time shall be counted from the date of acceptance of order.

7.2.  If  the  customer   delays  payment   of  the  agreed  amounts,   does  not  facilitate  or  delays  the information   required,  delays  the  execution   of  works  attributable   to  it or,  in  short,  is  late  in  fulfilling  its  obligations,   the  Vendor  may  accept   such  delays  and  pass  them  on  to  the  delivery   lead  time  with  the  consequent   extension thereof to exercise any of the other rights conferred to it by condition 13.

7.3. The Vendor does not assume any responsibility for failure to meet the delivery lead time due to causes beyond its control




8.1. Delivery is understood to mean making the goods available to the customer at our warehouse in Zamudio  (Vizcaya).

8.2.  If  the  customer  takes  more  than  a  fortnight  to  take  charge  of  the  goods  the  Vendor  may  charge,  from  the  date  of  delivery,  storage  and  financial  costs  in  the proportion of two percent of the price for each month of billing, or exercise the right of contract termination.

8.3.  Reception  shall  take  place  at  the  Vendor’s  warehouse  in  Zamudio  (Vizcaya),  where  the  customer   may  inspect  the  goods  if  it  so  requests  in  writing.  Failure to exercise this right or nonappearance of the customer will mean full acceptance of the product sold.

8.4.   The Vendor   has   established   procedures   for its own quality   assurance.   The   preparation   of certificates,   as well   as inspections   or tests   at the   customer’s request, will be invoiced separately.

8.5.  Unless  the  terms  of  the  invoice  state  otherwise,  the  risk  shall  be  transferred  to  the  customer   at  the  time  the  product  is  made  available  to  it  at  the  Vendor  ‘s premises for collection by or on behalf of the customer.



9.1. Transportation shall be at the customer’s expense and risk



Installation,   assembly,   commissioning   and  installation   testing  are  not  included   in  the  scope  of  the  proposal,   unless  specifically   stated  therein,  in  which  case  the Vendor’s General Conditions for Provision of Technical Services shall be applied for these concepts.

Expenses   that   might   be  incurred   by   the   customer,   such   as  raw   materials,    personnel,   services,   etc.,   arising   from   the   technical   assistance   referred   to  in  the preceding paragraph shall be borne solely and exclusively by the customer.



11.1.  The  Vendor  guarantees   the  materials   supplied  against  any  manufacturing   defect  for  a  year ,counting   from  the  date  of  commissioning   of  the  installation,   but for no more than 15 months from delivery of materials, as defined in Condition 8.1.

11.2.  This  guarantee   covers  repair  or  replacement,   at  the  Vendor ‘s  discretion,   excluding   the  cost  of  dismantling   and  assembling   materials   that  have  revealed   a defect  in  manufacturing   or  installation,   if  the  latter  was  performed  by  the  Vendor,  and  they  are  returned  to  our  warehouse   with  carriage  paid.  The  items  repaired  , or  those  that  are  to  replace   damaged   items,   shall  be  made   available   to  the  customer   at  our  warehouse,   while  the  replaced   parts  will  revert  to  the  Vendor  ‘s property.

In  exceptional   cases,  the  Vendor  may  authorize   repair  to  be  carried  out  through   the  customer,   in  which  case  the  Vendor  will  compensate   the  customer   for  the amount incurred, up to the cost that would have been involved if the Vendor had performed the repair

11.3.  In  order  to  take  advantage  of  the  benefits  of  this  conciliation,  the  customer  shall  promptly  inform  the  Vendor,  in  writing,  of  the  defects  which  have  appeared  , giving the Vendor all facilities to inspect and correct them .

11.4.  This  guarantee   is  conditional   upon  the  customer ‘s  observance   of  the  rules  indicated   by  good  industrial   practice  and  natural  wear  of  parts  or  damage   that might be caused by improper storage, neglect, inadequate surveillance, abnormal use or other causes other than manufacturing  defects are not covered by it.

11.5.   The   Vendor   guarantees   the   cooling   capacity   corresponding   to  the   design   data   mentioned in   the   proposal,   according   to  tests   carried   out   to  international standards   in  force  and  undertakes   to  perform,   if  necessary,   the  alterations   needed  in  the  equipment   supplied   until  the  performance   offered  is  achieved,     without charge to the customer.

These tests, together with the equipment and materials required to perform them, are not in any case included in the proposal.

11.6. The Vendor accepts no penalty or liability for damages caused to the customer or others due to breakdowns or defects in the equipment supplied.



Any  changes  to  the  conditions  agreed  which  are  carried  out  after  acceptance   of  the  order  at  the  request  of  the  customer   and  that  give  rise  to  expenses   of  any kind  will  be  invoiced  separately.  The  customer  must  settle  the  amount  due  by  accepted  draft  with  a  maturity  of  30  days  from  invoice  date.  These  changes  shall  be without  prejudice  to  subsequent   extension   or,  where  appropriate,   to  the  delivery  lead  time  and  to  fulfillment  by  the  customer   of  payment  obligations   on  the  agreed dates regardless of such changes.



If   the   customer   does   not   meet   the   payments   on   the   agreed   dates,   refuses   the   merchandise,   does   not   provide   data   or   information   requested   by   the   Vendor concerning   the  sale,   delays   delivery   or,  in  short,   fails  to  respect   all  or  part  of  its  obligations,   the  Vendor   will   be  entitled   to  grant   moratoriums,   consider   any payment   obligation   to   be   overdue   or   terminate   the   contract,   keeping   all   amounts   received   from   the   customer   as   a   penalty   and   with   the   customer   explicitly renouncing   these  amounts.  Exercising  any  of  these  rights  will  be  compatible   with  any  other  right  that  the  Vendor  might  have  in  accordance   with  the  provisions  of the preceding conditions and with claiming higher amounts if the damage caused is greater than the penalty which is set.



The customer waives its own jurisdiction and agrees that the Courts in Bilbao have exclusive jurisdiction to deal with any incidents arising from the sales contract.



In  the  event  of  force  majeure  (act  of  God),  which  impedes  or  prevents  the  manufacture  or  delivery  of  goods,  the  Vendor  shall  be  entitled  to  delay  these,  and  if  the causes  persist  for  more  than  a  month,  to  cancel  orders  without  liability  for  damages  in  any  case.  Events  which  might  be  considered  force  majeure  include  strikes  , lack of transportation, factory accidents, fires and, in general,  any cause beyond the control of the Vendor .

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