Industrial refrigeration

Industrial refrigeration

Refrigeration solutions for industrial cooling

Industrial refrigeration is linked to food production and storage lines in the food and beverage sector: optimizing efficiency and resources (water and energy) are the most required needs by the industry. The most indicated technology in these cases is represented by  adiabatic and evaporative condensers that must deal with different refrigerant gases according to the requests of each project.

Examples of installation context

Food storage, production lines in food and beverage industries (dairies, farms, breweries...)


Efficiency, energy and water savings, different refrigerants to cool, innovative systems

Cooling technologies

Evaporative condensers, adiabatic refrigerators, gas coolers

Cooling towers
We have been serving the needs of engineering companies, installers, and end users since 1967, installing more than 12,000 cooling towers worldwide.

Refrigeration solutions

Industrial cooling solutions

  • Selection of the optimal cooling system
  • Specific models for different refrigerants
  • Gas coolers and adiabatic sub-coolers
  • Corrosion-free materials
  • High efficiency motors and fans
  • Adiabatic cooling solutions
  • Easy access to internal equipment components

Some of our customers

Projects of cooling technologies for the industrial refrigeration

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