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Field-erected cooling tower in carbon project

Torraval Cooling supplies a cooling tower for the flagship carbon capture and utilization project at the ArcelorMittal Ghent plant.   THE CLIENT Arcelor Mittal launches an innovative carbon capture and utilization project at its metallurgical plant in Ghent. For Torraval,…

Cooling towers in a Data processing Center

  Cooling in a data center is key to its operation and to not compromising its reliability. CPDs are complex facilities classified according to their standards in terms of reliability and response to unforeseen circumstances. They demand the highest technologies…

Cooling towers corrosion

Cooling in chemical industry faces challenges such a sprocess water  acidity, which causes materials degradation. Corrosion is a constant to combat. It causes thinning cooling towers metal parts and forms deposits in pipes, resulting in inefficient operation of the equipment,…

Cooling towers with chillers in HVAC air conditioning

Cooling towers combined with chillers are one of the most widely used air-conditioning systems in large buildings such as hotels, hospitals, shopping centres, etc. Operation of these cooling installations starts with water leaving the evaporator to be cooled through the…

Cooling towers in backup power generation

Cooling towers in backup power generation This plant produce backup power generation using LPG as fuel. It has 43MW and consists of 26 Caterpillar engines with two closed and pressurized cooling circuits. A high temperature one dedicated to the engine…

Cooling tower revamping in a oil refinery

Cooling tower revamping in an oil refinery THE CHALLENGE This challenge takes us to one of the largest oil refineries in the province of Granada, Spain. Cooling towers are often the big forgotten in industrial plants. They are equipment that…

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