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Torraval Piping

Torraval puts its experience and know-how into the design of the optimum hydraulic installation for each TORRAVAL Piping cooling process.

The correct connection to the water supply, its uniform distribution to all parts of the system and the proper regulation of the water temperature as a guarantee and preliminary step for the performance and efficiency of the entire cooling process.

The benefits of TORRAVAL Piping include time and cost savings for the customer.

Torraval Control System

The solution to take advantage of wet bulb temperature fluctuations and translate them into energy savings.

By means of a simple frequency inverter, this system constantly checks the thermal efficiency and optimises the operation of the tower to avoid any waste during daily operation all year round.

Torraval Control System fan offers multiple advantages.

    • Saving of electrical energy
    • Reduced wear of electromechanical components
    • Cost reduction
    • Reduced water consumption
    • Reduction of costs related to water treatment
    • Noise attenuation

    Torraval Noise Reduction

    Torraval Noise Reduction (TNR) reduces noise levels in the refrigeration process.

    Torraval tackles the global acoustic problem of the cooling processes in any industrial plant or refrigeration installation, acting on the main noise emitters and providing innovative and efficient solutions ranging from the choice of the right fan, its speed, shielding at roof or raft level, minimisation and absorption of rain noise, reduction of installed power, etc.

    Torraval Water Control

    Integrated water control and management solution to maintain process balance.

    It is a complete water treatment station that follows a planned purge and make-up programme to keep optimal levels of salinity, deposit banks, etc. under control.

    These integrated water management and treatment systems ensure stable operating conditions for the cooling system. This is a larger initial investment that will reduce the operating costs of the system.

    We have been meeting the demands of engineering companies, installers and end users since 1967, installing more than 12.000 cooling towers in the world.

    Which is your sector and what are your cooling needs?

    For every need

    We have always considered the retrieval of information to be of fundamental importance: for this we operate as consultants, working on each project in close contact with the technical design studios and their engineers. 

    Understanding the needs, and intercepting the expectations of the customers, is the basis for finding the ideal solution for a reliable and easy to manage project: this is the objective with which our technicians provide daily preliminary support.

    The outcome of this process leads to the selection of the most technologically suitable product, always focusing on energy saving and respect for the environment.

    The EUROVENT certification is a key point in our technical approach. It means attention to performance, but also to the design and development of products with a focus on efficiency, energy saving and natural resources.



    Non corroding and long lasting



    and quality







    For every sector


    Criticality of cooling temperatures

    Variability of water quality

    Operational continuity (24h/365 days)

    Energy efficiency

    Limited water consumption

    Accessibility for maintenance operations

    Resistance to high and low temperatures

    Multiplicity of heat exchangers

    Free of corrosion and long duration

    Motors and fans of high efficiency

    Adiabatic solutions

    Easy access to internal components of the units

    Low acoustic impact

    Reduced weight and size

    Visual impact

    Energetic efficiency

    Scarce water consumption


    Low acoustic impact solutions

    Compact configurations, lightweight materials

    High efficiency motors and fans

    Adiabatic solutions, without cooling

    Eurovent/CTI notarized product series

    Attention to product design



    Critic condensing temperatures

    Refrigerant variety

    Natural refrigerants use tendency

    Operational continuity (24h/365 days)

    Energetic efficiency

    Limited water consumption

    Accessibility in maintenance operations

    Selection of the optimal refrigerator

    Specific models for diverse refrigerators

    Gas coolers and adiabatic subcoolers

    Free of corrosion and long duration

    High efficiency motors and fans

    Adiabatic solutions

    Easy access to units internal components

    Low acoustic impact

    Reduced weight and size

    Visual impact

    Energetic efficiency

    Natural refrigerants use tendency

    Operational continuity (24h/365 days)

    Scarce water consumption

    Solutions with low acoustic impact

    Compact configurations, lightweight materials

    Attention to the product design

    High efficiency systems (Adiabatic subcooler)

    Gas coolers and Adiabatic subcooler

    Corrosion free and long duration

    Adiabatic solutions

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