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At Torraval Cooling we design, manufacture and market customised cooling equipment that meets the specific needs of each industry. We have a wide range of evaporative and adiabatic cooling solutions for the process industry, HVAC, industrial refrigeration and commercial refrigeration. We also offer solutions for the process and field industries for power generation, oil and gas plants.

Our products are characterised by reliability and performance. We continuously improve our work processes to achieve technologically innovative designs, models and solutions focused on customer needs. We are always looking for energy savings and respect for the environment.



Torraval Cooling cooling towers are efficient and reliable equipment for cooling all types of industrial or air conditioning processes.

Our condensers are applicable to various sectors, such as industrial logistics, civil and industrial air conditioning, cold storage…



Torraval Cooling’s adiabatic systems guarantee superior performance, generating energy savings in the cooling system.

As a manufacturer of heat exchangers, Torraval specialises in providing highly efficient heat transfer solutions.

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