Process industry

Process industry

Cooling solutions in process industry

Industrial process cooling is often characterized by varying temperatures and sewage waters full of suspended matter. Open circuit cooling towers with different characteristics are recommended depending on the cause, In these cases. Furthermore, our wide range of adiabatic and evaporative coolers allow us to adapt them to every project’s requirements.

Examples of installation context

Food and beverage process lines, chemical industry, plastics processing, metal thermal treatments.


Efficiency, water and energy saving, very variable output temperature.

Cooling technologies

Adiabatic refrigerators, evaporative cooling towers.

Cooling towers
We have been serving the needs of engineering companies, installers, and end users since 1967, installing more than 12,000 cooling towers worldwide.

Cooling solutions

Solutions in process industry

  • Resistance to high and low temperatures
  • Wide variety of refills for cooling towers
  • Corrosion-free materials
  • High efficiency motors and fans
  • Adiabatic cooling solutions
  • Easy access to internal equipment components

Some of our customers

Projects of cooling technologies for the process industry

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