Thanks to more than 50 years of experience , TORRAVAL can offer to its customers the following services for evaporative and adiabatic cooling systems:

TECHNICAL AUDITS: Torraval’s technical audit consists of a global on-site inspection of the different refrigeration equipment. This enables us to make a good diagnosis of the current conditions, recommending our customers performance improvements.

PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE: Performing maintenance by specialized technical personnel of Torraval means an optimal performance guarantee, allowing to maintain the original design performance of the cooling equipment. It is essential to minimize the risk of breakdowns because otherwise it may stop production.

CLEANING AND DISINFECTION: Cleaning and disinfection of the internal components of the equipment: heat exchange surfaces, water distribution system and droplet eliminators

UPGRADING / RETROFITTING / UPDATES: The Torraval Engineering Department is specialized in carrying out renovations, modifications and improvements in existing cooling towers with the objective of adapting the tower to the current working conditions (which can be very different from the original design conditions), always looking for the best performance over time and with the greatest efficiency.

Our Engineers analyze the characteristics of the existing tower and the current working parameters and they combine them looking for the best alternative. In this way we made modifications on the existing towers and proposed the incorporation of new cells only if necessary and by necessity, in the event of a greater cooling capacity.

SECURITY IN ACCESS: Implementation of collective protections and platforms for safe work in cooling towers.



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