Technical inspections

Efficiency and optimization

Technical inspections of cooling towers

Technical inspections of cooling towers ensure that the equipment operates with the same efficiency as the first day. It is verified that all the components work correctly taking into account the following aspects:
  • Optimal performance
  • Conservation estatus of every single item
  • Corrosion control of materials
  • Cooling tower clean state
  1. We check the state of conservation and cleanliness of the cooling equipment. The presence of sediment, scale, corrosion substances, sludge, algae … can hinder the operation of the cooling tower.
  2. Condition and operation of all the components of the cooling unit are also checked. If any damaged component is detected, repair or replacement is proposed.
inspecciones torres de refrigeracion

The elements to review would be the following:

Enclosure and structure

Internal structure
Ferrule / Diffuser
Filling supports
Distribution supports
Drift eliminator

Mechanical equipment

Gear motor


Distribution system

Main system
Secondary system
Disperser dishes

Drift eliminator

Cooling equipments

Inspection report

After the inspection we issue the corresponding report recording:
  • State in which each element is located.
  • Proposal for repair or replacement of necessary elements
The checklist will help us plan the repair and maintenance of your cooling towers. The complete inspection of the unit must be combined with a preventive maintenance program to achieve the best performance and will minimize the possibility of unplanned breakdowns. In addition, compliance with the manufacturer’s manual guidelines will extend the life of the cooling tower.

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