Cooling solutions in process industry

Refrigeration in industrial processes

Industrial process cooling is often characterized by varying temperatures and sewage waters full of suspended matter. Open circuit cooling towers with different characteristics are recommended depending on the cause, In these cases. Furthermore, our wide range of adiabatic and evaporative coolers allow us to adapt them to every project’s requirements.

We have been serving the needs of engineering companies, installers, and end users since 1967, installing more than 12,000 cooling towers worldwide.

What is your industry and what are your cooling needs?

Some of our projects in the process industry:


Cooling towers corrosion

Corrosion is a constant problem in cooling equipments. It causes metal parts thinning and forms deposits in pipes with the consequent loss of installation performance.

torres enfriamiento sistema de generación de energía de respaldo

Cooling towers in backup power generation

When ambient temperature exceeded 29-30ºC, the DRY cooling was insufficient, which caused the motors' efficiency and power generation capacity to be reduced.


Cooling tower revamping in a oil refinery

Total renovation of the cooling tower internal elements after 18 years without any maintenance prevents a cooling equipment replacement.

fibra de vidrio / condensador evaporativo

Closed circuit cooling for fatty acids destilled from olive pomace

Achieving both goals, cooling clean water and concentrating a waste that would incur additional cost for the extractor.


Cooling tower retrofitting in a gas production plant

The retrofit of the cooling tower is necessary to increase the cooling capacity in order to meet the need posed by Gases Oxinorte A.I.E.

dominion imagen

Cooling towers in biomass plant

Design and installation of cooling towers in an energy production biomass plant, prepared to work in continuos throughout the year.


Adiabatic cooling – Important working savings: energy, water and treatments

Installation of an adiabatic cooling solution for the refrigeration needs of an industrial equipment, sensitive to high temperatures.


Cooling tower revamping

The challenge is to renovate the interiors of a 4-cell forced draught cooling tower that is more than 25 years old in an important Andalusian food plant that was deteriorating due to the passage of time.

Cooling towers for the Mozyr refinery

TORRAVAL Cooling has supplied the cooling equipment for the cooling system in the oil refinery of Mozyr Oil Refinery, a major oil and gas company in Belarus.


Safe access at Smurfit Kappa

Safely bridge the distance between the main plant building and the cooling equipment. This is one of the priorities of the project along with facilitating, through platforms, the execution of maintenance and cleaning tasks.


Induction furnace cooling for Winoa

Cooling and its control of the furnaces for subsequent heat treatments is fundamental, since the characteristics and quality of the final product will depend on the controlled temperature and time curves.


Cooling tower on skid for Kimitec

Kimitec reinvents nutrition. The aim was to integrate all the evaporative cooling equipment into a compact system and to modulate it in the smallest possible space.

snow plant

Cooling towers for snow plant in Japan

An open circuit cooling tower is supplied for a skiing facility in Japan. Cooling towers PME-E 4103 Container CW Snow are selected for performance, maintainability and durability.

The advantages of fiberglass for corrosive industrial environments

Fiberglass cooling towers in corrosive environments

The common factor of all TORRAVAL cooling towers is fiberglass, an excellent plastic material to ensure the durability of the cooling equipment. The highly corrosive environment required the use of machines without metal components.

Fonderia Casati

Casati Foundry – Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0: The latest technology in refrigeration not only supports a process but a future vision of the business. Fonderia Casati has no doubts about what will be necessary to maintain.


A cooling tower PMS also in New Caledonia

A MITA cooling tower has recently been installed on the beautiful island of Noumea (New Caledonia), in the middle of the Pacific.


Extension of Adisseo’s production process cooling

Creation of new process units and adaptation of the facilities and the expansion of the cooling of the production processes with two new TORRAVAL cooling towers.

MCC for laboratory

Closed circuit cooling tower for the Rotor Dynamics Laboratory

The laboratory located at the University of Pisa has an area of 200 square meters and is located within the protected park of San Rossore. MITA Group provides a solution for the cooling system of the 2 engine test benches.

Internal reinforcements and extreme pH resins

Cooling solutions for metal slag recovery

We adapted a cooling tower in the light metal treatment industry in Vizcaya, mainly dedicated to the recovery of metal waste.


Cooling Towers for a Paper Mill in Sweden

The “Super Silent” version considerably reduces the levels of sound pressure and power while minimising the power requirements of the fans.


Adiabatic cooling system in the plastics industry

Adiabatic systems use the air cooling action only during autumn and winter. In this way, the outside cold air reaches the circuit's battery, which contains the liquid to cool.


The technology of the filling in the cooling towers

The choice of filling the cooling towers is the key to optimizing the operation and maintenance of the refrigeration equipment. It is special for waters with high solids content.


Evaporative condenser and adiabatic gas cooler in a dairy

This refrigeration equipment offers low energy consumption thanks to the low installed power.

An industrial cooling tower installed for Coca-Cola

An industrial cooling tower installed for Coca-Cola in Kiev

Industrial cooling towers are made of fiberglass therefore resistant to corrosion, which helps them persist effectively over time.


Revamping of ArcelorMittal cooling tower in a record time

To comply with the required deadlines and the technical aspects specified by ArcelorMittal, Torraval takes up the project launched with great flexibility, taking care of the design and collection in record time of the material for the renovation of the cooling tower.


Revamping of refrigeration system of production processes at the Hero Spain plant

The reasons for choosing cooling towers instead of other technologies such as refrigeration or air condensation systems, are several and have to do with issues such as their greater energy efficiency, lower acquisition cost, ease of maintenance and lower impact environmental

PAD Ansaldo

PAD adiabatic coolers for Ansaldo Energía (Utilities)

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Closed cooling tower in food industry

The closed circuit is the best solution to preserve the quality of the liquid to cool. In fact, the latter circulates in a tube bundle and does not come into direct contact with the cooling water of the cooling tower.


Installation Context Examples: food & beverage process lines, chemical industry, plastic processing, metal heat treatments.


Requirements: efficiency, water and energy savings, highly variable output temperatures.


Cooling Technologies: adiabatic dry coolers, cooling towers.

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