Evaporative condensers for beer factory in Cuba

Evaporative condensers


Complete renovation and improvement of the efficiency of the beer factory in Cuba, together with the modernization of the production process and the corresponding refrigeration of it.


6 evaporative condensers model MCE 5712 C / S supplied by the MITA Group were installed, replacing some deteriorated painted iron capacitors.

The condensers condense the gas (ammonia / NH3) from the compressors of the refrigeration units, which are necessary for cooling, at 35º C, with a programmed wet bulb temperature of 28º C. This modification has allowed to obtain a higher thermal power total (6,804 kW), with extremely small dimensions.

The MCE range, used for condensing the gases of refrigeration equipment, includes special coils whose main manufacturing characteristics are the following:

  • power: from 120 kW to 2 MW;
  • long-lasting: materials resistant to corrosion due to their nature and resistant over time
  • accessibility: several solutions to simplify access to internal components and to allow easy and total access to the coil
  • low power consumption: motors coupled directly to axial fans to obtain a low power output
  • attention to noise emissions: with a technical solution that reduces noise, which is measured and calculated according to ISO standards 3744, EN 13487.

In this installation we have opted for the silent version, the equipment is equipped with:

  • electric motors with a low number of revolutions, with blade fans coupled with a special aerodynamic profile
  • acoustic coating;antiskid layer, made with polypropylene panels
  • Insulating protectors in the air intake.

The 6 evaporation condensers are supplied with dimensions suitable for transport in containers and, in turn, customized to meet the specific needs of the customer (for example, special accessories to simplify maintenance).


Thanks to these capacitors, a greater total thermal power (6804 kW) is obtained, with extremely small dimensions.Thanks to these capacitors, a greater total thermal power (6804 kW) is obtained, with extremely small dimensions.


  • Materials resistant to corrosion.
  • Compliance with the new thermal program.
  • Appearance of modern and renovated installation.
  • Easy and accessible maintenance.


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