PAD adiabatic coolers for Ansaldo Energia (Utilities)

PAD adiabatic coolers

One of the most advanced hubs for the study of electric grids in Europe, in Sardinia, also bears the signature of MITA Group: thanks to 13 adiabatic coolers supplied to Ansaldo, one of the main contractors for the project.

Ansaldo Energia S.p.A. is recognized as one of the largest producers of power generation plants and energy solutions in the world: born in 1853, in the following century and a half it assisted the energy development in Italy. Currently, the Group is held at 59.9% by Cdp Equity (Italian Cassa Depositi e Prestiti Group) and 40% by Shangai Electric. It employs 4,500 people in various local companies around the world.


MITA Group is already a supplier of cooling technologies for Ansaldo, especially with cooling towers installed at its Genoa site. In the Sardinian energy hub’s case, however, the requirement was to cooldown a synchronous compensator within the plant. The aridity of the area along with very high summer temperatures suggested a solution with low water consumption but at the same time highly efficient.


Precisely for these needs, the adiabatic solution was considered more suitable compared to a classic closed circuit cooling tower. Therefore, 13 PAD type 12/6 85 C adiabatic coolers were installed.

In the colder seasons the machine works as a dry cooler. During summer, the air that passes through the finned batteries is cooled thanks to an adiabatic system: a special layer of flocked PVC humidified with short wetting cycles. The wetting and fan speed is automatically adjusted in order to continuously optimize consumption.


Other features of PAD coolers are:

  • easy maintenance, thanks to wide access to internal parts;
  • fiberglass construction, PVC and PP parts, therefore non-corroding and long lasting;
  • automatic air bypass dampers (low pressure drops in dry mode).


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