refrigeracion hvac aire acondicionado

Adiabatic coolers and condensers

The PAD and PAD-V series are suggested where attention is particularly focused on the consumption of water (and the risks associated with its management) and energy. The optimum solution to increase the efficiency of air systems. 

Adiabatic cooling is based on the sensitive exchange between the fluid flowing inside the finned coils and the air that brushes against the surface. During warmer periods the air is humidified before it hits the coil, thus lowering the temperature and increasing the efficiency. PAD is suggested for medium-large size industrial plants; PAD-V, with its compact design, for medium-small industrial plants and especially in HVAC.

  • Models completely preassembled and equipped with an electrical panel (PLC that allows continuous optimization).
  • Humidifier pack with high water retention capacity in flocked PVC (very short wetting cycles).
  • Adiabatic circuit, protected inside, designed to recover water without requiring treatment.
  • Single finned copper and aluminium coils (PAD series), double V coils (PAD-V series). Axial motor-fan with direct coupling (PAD series), EC fans for low electrical consumption and noise (PAD-V series).
  • Support structure in hot dip galvanized steel after fabrication with fibreglass panels (PAD series), support carpentry made of press-folded galvanized sheet metal and subsequently protected by an epoxy paint cycle (PAD-V series).
  • Each machine can be equipped with accesses for inspections and maintenance of internal parts.
  • No risk of Legionella and aerosol.
  • Capacity from 75 to 1,100 kW.

The solution offered by Torraval is adiabatic refrigerators is the PAD series, consisting of an air-based cooling with an adiabatic preecooling thereof that increases the performance and efficiency of the heat transfer . It’s been designed to reduce water consumption, minimize energy consumption and prevent the release of aerosols to the atmosphere. It has a cooling capacity of up to 1.000 Kw.


The refrigerator automatically governs a PLC control panel supplied and programmed from the factory in accordance with the mode of operation optimized for each installation.

• Dry mode: (normally in winter), the air is not pre-cooled (the adiabatic circuit is empty/out of service). The air enters the refrigerator from the top (open decks, if supplied), or through the humidifier filler, in this case dry (pump out of service).

• Adiabatic mode: (normally in summer), air is subjected to a process of adiabatic pre-cooling before entering the cooler at the bottom. Once inside, it passes through the humidifier filling (closed air inlet top plates and water pump in operation).

• The unit can be commanded by BMS remote control.

refrigeradores y condensadores adiabaticos

Know the different references of condensers and adiabatic refrigerators of the PAD and PAD-V series:


Adiabatic cooling – Important working savings: energy, water and treatments

Installation of an adiabatic cooling solution for the refrigeration needs of an industrial equipment, sensitive to high temperatures.


Adiabatic cooling system in the plastics industry

Adiabatic systems use the air cooling action only during autumn and winter. In this way, the outside cold air reaches the circuit's battery, which contains the liquid to cool.

PAD Ansaldo

PAD adiabatic coolers for Ansaldo Energía (Utilities)

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