Main advantages of the PAD-V adiabatic cooler and condenser:

  • Saving water and energy.
  • It does not need water treatment.
  • Compact design and easy installation.
  • Rapid amortization of the equipment

Dry operation of the PAD-V adiabatic cooler and condenser: it works in dry mode during the coldest seasons of the year, winter and autumn. The external air is sucked and directed towards the finned coils. The humidification process is deactivated, there is no water present, so the humidifier panels are dry and the pump circuit is disconnected. Finally, the temperature probes, at the outlet of the cooled fluid and inside the equipment, modulate the fan speed to optimize energy consumption.

Adiabatic operation of the PAD-V: the cooler and condenser operate in adiabatic mode during the warmer seasons; summer and spring. The external air is sucked in and passes through the wetting panels (protected inside the equipment). This is moistened (in short cycles) with water from the network that was previously charged to activate the adiabatic cooling process. Adiabatically cooled air (therefore, at a lower temperature than external air) is transported to finned coils, which increases the efficiency of the refrigerator in the hottest period of the year.

6th March 2020

Do you want to know a case study? Adiabatic cooling: water saving in the plastics industry.

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