Creta Farm cuts energy bill with Mita Group technology

Evaporative condensers to reduce energy consumption


After a devastating fire, Creta Farm decided to rebuild and install a cutting-edge energy solution for the Cretan production plant. The task of designing the new storage was entrusted to ecoRef in Athens. They designed an indirect cooling system with R407F and Temper-15 as secondary fluid using MITA Group´s evaporative condensers. The results have exceeded expectations with energy costs significantly reduced by half.


In order to comply with the new regulations for fluorinated gases and reduce energy consumption, Creta Farm and ecoRef install a modern system of secondary refrigeration with maximum reliability in the production plant of Rethymo.

The old R22 compressors were in good condition and could be reused in the new installation. The new system was designed with R407F as primary coolant and Temper-15 as  heat transfer fluid.

The water cooled system through  highly efficient MITA Group evaporative condensers work adiabatically. using high efficiency fans guarantees a lower power consumption in motors. These are coupled directly on the fans, minimizing the moving components (less maintenance). The MITA electronic management system controls temperature and condensation pressure by continuously calibrating both fan speed and water consumption.

This design has taken into account condensation pressure and outside temperature, which allows the system to work in dry, wet or mixed mode (dry / wet), thus maximizing energy efficiency and minimizing water consumption.

An 8m3 tank stores Temper -15 to -6 ° C and provides service to the refrigeration areas through a set of electronically controlled pumps.

Evaporative condenser


    The defrosting was achieved by means of a heat exchanger previously located to the evaporative condenser that obtained heat coming from the hot side of the refrigerant (the discharge line goes to the evaporative condenser from the compressor). The refrigerant heated the Temper-40 stored in a hot tank through the heat exchanger supplying the defrosting circuit. In this way, temperature and condensing pressure were reduced before entering the condenser, achieving a more efficient refrigeration cycle. This evaporative condensers system significantly reduced energy consumption and CO2 emissions compared to electric defrost systems.


    • Increase in the quality of the food thanks to a more uniform temperature.
    • MITA energy efficient management system that controls speed of the fans with inverter and water (dry-wet operation) in relation to condensation pressure and outside temperature.
    • Defrosting DX air coolers with Temper -40 that uses free energy from the hot side of the hot tank.
    • Smaller and more affordable components with low pressure system and greater reliability.
    • Savings of up to 50% of electricity consumption.
    • Minimal and versatile maintenance (easy and accessible).
    • Comply with fluorinated gas regulations.

    The Creta Farms trip began in 1970 in Crete, the land of the olive tree. In whose fruit is the Greek treasure, the “liquid gold” as Homer called it. It was in this favored land that Stilianos Domazakis, the father of the current owners, raised their animals and later founded the first organized swine production facility in Crete and thus laid the groundwork for the extensive commercial operations of Creta Farms today.

    Both sons of the founder, Stylianos Domazakis, Emmanuel and Konstantinos, are passionate about innovation and products made with natural ingredients, and in 1987 they opened the company’s cold meats department and in 1990 they expanded the facilities in Rethymno (Crete) assuming the management and reforming the company as “Creta Farm SA” Today, it is the most important manufacturer of cold meats from Greece, pioneers in adding unsaturated vegetable fat to its products, exporting its innovative production methods to: USA. UU., Spain and Cyprus

    EcoRef consulting engineers are based in the center of Athens, with more than 45 years of experience and more than 750 projects both in Greece and abroad. Focused on innovation and energy efficiency, they are members of the Greek Cold Storage Association, ASHRAE and the Technical Chamber of Greece.


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