Evaporative condenser and adiabatic gas cooler in a dairy

Evaporative gas cooler and adiabatic gas cooler

MITA Group has participated in the renovation of the refrigeration system of a local dairy in Langhe. They have used two different solutions: a MCE evaporative condenser and an adiabatic gas cooler PAD G-C. Both were required by the leading project design company, the Telos Studio an their engineers Claudio Tarsitano and Alessandro Pasini.


The intention was to make a change of scale in their business to provide products to the retail market on a large scale, focusing on energy efficiency. Therefore, the offered system of two units had its respective objectives:

  • It was necessary to provide a first group to cool the R1234ze refrigerant.
  • The second, which works using transcritical R744, was to recover high quality water at 80 ° C, to reuse it to heat the aging cells.


For both cases, Telos has provided cooling and condensation solutions from MITA Group (one evaporative and the other one adiabatic). The first of the two cooling units is the evaporative condenser MCE. This machine offers low power consumption thanks to the low installed power. The second unit, which uses transcritical R744, is compatible with the PAD G-C gas cooler. In addition, its electrically controlled fans provide low electricity consumption.

In addition, the adiabatic refrigerator guarantees high performance in warm seasons compared to air systems, which was also discussed in the 2018 edition of ATMOsphere Europe.


“With the technical solutions adopted in the transcritical unit R744, we cover between 80% and 100% of the thermal requirements of the plant”-Engineer Pasini de Telos enthuses. The MITA Group gas cooler also offers this level of performance.

Every project from Telos design studio guides its clients throughout the entire process. He has been working on the Langhe dairy products project since July 2014. Although it was not until July 2017 when the tests were carried out.

In this case, special attention is paid to the careful choice of their equipment. Therefore, the company clearly states that it prefers solutions that offer high economic and energy efficiency. That´s why they decided to invest in MITA Group.


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