Fillers for cooling towers

The fillers of cooling towers need to have the same characteristics and quality of originals. In that way is ensure the design heat transfer of the cooling tower in time. Probably in the market can be found fillers of similar appearance, but the yield curve, performance, rigidity, thickness,resistance to temperature peaks, capacity of work with dirty water…. would be different.It is the essential component, where the thermal exchange takes place. We present several types depending on the quality of the water:
  • Laminar filler: clean water and industrial water
  • Mixed filling: Water with medium content of suspended solids
  • Splash filling: Dirty water with high content of suspended solids and/or oil/fat and fibers

Know different references of cooling tower fillings:

The technology of the filling

The choice of the filling in the cooling towers: crucial factor. ¿What is the filling in a cooling tower? The filling in a cooling tower is the place where the exchange of heat betweeen water and air happens for the…

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