Green Deal and Cooling

European Green Deal

The European Green Deal is the roadmap for making a EU economy sustainable. The European Commission has set  the goal of achieving climate parity by 2050. The economy development must be sustainable, more than 75% European Union’s greenhouse gas emissions are attributable to energy production and 20% are due to industrial sector.

¿Whai is the Green Deal?

It consists of a series of  different kinds measures  , including the legislation development  and major investments, to be implemented over the next thirty years, until 2050. The aim is to make the EU the first “climate-neutral” continent (zero net emissions).

Some  measures of the Green Deal:

  • investment in environmentally friendly technologies that support industry to innovate and become world leaders in the green economy.
  • decarbonization of the energy sector.
  • modernization of energy-intensive industries.
  • Introduction of circular economy policies at industrial level (European industry uses only 12% of recycled materials).
  • Cooling technologies play an important role in this challenge. In response, we have expanded our technological offer and have useful tools to always propose the most efficient refrigeration solution.

How can we contribute to the Green Deal?

  • Selecting the cooling equipment based on resource saving and consumption optimization criteria with our selection and analysis software.

  • Reducing consumption, costs and emissions. We work in continuous product innovation providing sustainable efficiency: technical solutions with low water and energy consumption, automation of cooling equipment operation, remote monitoring of processes…

Sustainability advisor

  • Cooling equipment with reduced water and energy consumption (low emissions).
  • Consumption control through new technologies.

We operate conscientiously

  • Proposing the most efficient refrigeration technology in all contexts: cooling towers, condensers, adiabatic subcoolers, evaporative cooler-condensers…
  • Making a technical selection aimed at reducing consumption.
  • Automating the operating parameters to always work in an optimized way.
  • Monitoring cooling equipments remotely to guarantee the best efficiency over the years. 

    We have been cooling water for longer than 50 years, we keep on making our contribution. Environmental, economic and social sustainability is our daily commitment.


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