Cooling towers for the Mozyr refinery

Cooling towers for the Mozyr refinery

TORRAVAL Cooling has supplied the cooling equipment for the cooling system in the oil refinery of Mozyr Oil Refinery, a major oil and gas company in Belarus.

Mozyr’s oil refinery is one of two oil refineries operating in the Republic of Belarus. It is located in the city of Mozyr (about 300 km south of Minsk) and is capable of processing 7,000 to 8,000 tons of oil daily.

The engineering company Aquaecology, which is active in the markets of the CIS countries, also provides comprehensive support and advice on refrigeration. The engineering company is dedicated to the implementation of energy and water saving solutions as well as environmental protection in companies in the oil refining, petrochemical, energy and utility sectors.


Oil refining technology requires significant energy costs. To increase efficiency, circulating water supply cycles are used to heating plants, which determine fuel and electricity savings and maintain process stability.

The water consumed must cover technological needs such as the steam cooling for condensate samples from the condensing station and  technological equipments.

A separate cooling line is planned for each of the H-Oil reactors; consequently, the project includes two cooling tower modules.

The first module consists of 5 sections (one on hold). The water is supplied through an oil separator. Despite the preliminary water treatment, it is difficult to guarantee its sufficient purity: there is a possibility of contamination  of the cooling tower internal elements. For this line, it was decided to use mesh-type cooling towers. A feature of the mesh sprinkler allowes to remove it easily and clean if needed.

The indicators of  the water contamination level in the second line do not require additional purification,.The water can be supplied directly to the cooling tower. This made it possible to use a more energy efficient solution: a drip film irrigator.

The two cooling towers have an approximate flow rate of 7,200 m3 of water / hour.


The flow volume requires a field mounted tower type. Both the inclemency of the weather and the demands of the work require the choice of materials with high resistance to corrosion that guarantee the same efficiency of the cooling equipment over time.

THE RESULT - Cooling towers for the Mozyr refinery

TORRAVAL supplies two field erected cooling towers of the RM series:

  • the first module consists of five 12 x 12 meter cells;
  • the second module consists of four 8 x 8 metre cells.
  • 304 stainless steel construction. These highly corrosion resistant cooling towers are designed for a long life span.


  • High performance of the cooling system: the first cooling tower cools 5,200 m3 /h of water, and the second, 2,000.
  • Durability


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