Closed circuit cooling towers MCC Series

Process industry


The MCC series is suggested as an alternative to open cooling circuits with heat exchangers, where the cooling liquid (water or water and glycol) cannot be polluted by external agents. With MCC you can work in free cooling: the fluid circulates inside a tube evaporator coil.

Technical data

  • Axial motor-fan with direct coupling, low installed power, low noise levels.
  • Motors with IP56 protection.
  • Tower body made of 22 mm thick fibreglass sandwich panels.
  • Support structure in hot dip galvanized steel after fabrication (galvanization process in accordance with UNI EN ISO 1461-99 standard, thickness not inferior to 80 microns).
  • Distribution system in PVC equipped with wide non-clogging PP spray nozzles.
  • Certified PP drift eliminators (entrainment 0.01%).
  • Heat exchanger coils made of smooth tubes in hot dip galvanized steel after fabrication.
  • Tank with sloping base entirely made of fibreglass.
  • Each machine can be equipped with accesses for inspections and maintenance of internal parts.
  • Capacity: from 80 kW to 1.7MW (indicative capacity referring to a machine, thermal gradient 5°C).

The closed circuit cooling tower is employed in industrial plants and civil air conditioning installations, in particular:

  • Cooling of delicate equipment such as air compressors, moulds and plastic extrusion machines, pipe-manufacturing (using an emulsion with anti-corrosion additive in the closed circuit water) or induction furnaces (with demineralised water).

  • Evaporative chilling (cooling tower’s direct production of cold water for an air conditioning installation when the chiller is shutdown in the low season) and load shaving (direct production of cold water upstream of a chiller thus only subject to partload). The evaporative condenser serving refrigeration plants can be employed in the following sectors:

    • Civil and industrial air conditioning installations.

    • Industrial logistics

    • Refrigerated warehouses (e.g. storage of food products).

    • Industrial refrigeration

The following alternative optionals are available for all models (under request):

  • Coil in AISI 304 or AISI-316 (for corrosive water spraying and/or aggressive environment, for semi-open circuits or for cooling circuits with demineralized water), available only for the MCC Series.
  • Double pass coils with separated collectors to maximize thermal performance.
  • 2 speed motors with multistage thermostat (or an automatic centralized cascade control or a control system with frequency converter).
  • “Silent” version characterized by its reduced noise emissions.
  • Electric heater with thermostat and switch for minimum level in the basin.
  • Man-sized access door to allow access to the inner parts for inspection work, cleaning or maintenance.

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