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Ges Alliance I Global Meeting

The collaborative economy platform, Ges Alliance, specialized in solutions for improving productivity and optimizing costs, held its I Global Meeting on March 12, at the Robert Bosch facilities in Madrid.

The alliance is made up of a score of reference companies in the market and leaders in the categories of the extended family linked to savings, efficiency, productivity and business optimization.
Ges Alliance is committed to providing added value through the implementation of global solutions that allow customers to reduce their costs and increase their productivity in the market, offering the most competitive solution through different combinations among the members of the alliance.

“This formula guarantees success by multiplying efficiencies”

At the beginning of the session, Héctor Besga, Managing Director of Ges Alliance, presented the project promoted through the alliance highlighting collaboration and unity as “a formula that guarantees success by multiplying efficiencies”. The Ges Alliance defends the collaborative economy as a vehicle to offer the most efficient, competitive and fastest solution to the client, matching, under its platform, the management of customer demand with the union of different market solutions.

Subsequently, each of the companies that make up the alliance described the services it provides within this ecosystem, with the complementarities between its services being evident in order to offer a global solution to the client’s needs in any area of ​​its business.

To end the event, Ges Alliance shared with all the participants the actions that the alliance will promote to promote the global services model in the different sectors of the market.


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