Open circuit cooling towers

Open circuit cooling towers. Modular cooling towers and field mounted towers (Field Erected Cooling Towers).

Closed circuit cooling towers

Closed circuit cooling towers are recommended as an alternative to open cooling circuits with heat exchangers.

Evaporative condensers

Evaporative condensers MCE series are recommended in industrial cooling when refrigerating fluid must be condensed.

Adiabatic coolers & condensers

Adiabatic refrigerators and condensers are recommended when the objective focuses on water consumption: in the PAD-V series.

Adiabatic subcoolers

Designed to respond to the rehabilitation of HFC refrigerant systems and/or to increase the efficiency of CO2 systems.

Spare parts

Spare parts for cooling towers: mechanical equipment (motors, fans …), fillings, drift separators or water distribution systems.

Heat exchangers

Heat exchangers: high exchange efficiency.

Large range of plates and racks for different work pressures.

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